About Us

Building Sustainable Future



The New Development Bank was formed to support infrastructure and sustainable development efforts in BRICS and other underserved, emerging economies for faster development through innovation and cutting-edge technology. The bank partners with nations through capital and knowledge, achieving development goals with transparency and empathy and creating an equal opportunity for the development of all countries.


The New Development Bank is a partner in development that goes beyond the conventional codes of multilateral banks. It represents, operates and is recognized for its values that fulfill the founding vision.

Open & Approachable

We believe that mutual respect and a spirit of collaboration drive effective results. At the New Development Bank, we are committed to having an open mind regarding the needs of developing countries today and establishing meaningful partnerships.


Our mission is to bridge the gaps between need and funding and to be a partner in bringing about truly holistic development. We take pride in partnering with developing countries to drive structural transformation by providing financial assistance for infrastructure and sustainability-driven projects.


The 21st century has brought with it tremendous development. However, this progress has been skewed, insufficient and often harmful to our environment. We collaborate with Initiatives that drive growth and employment while ensuring environmental protection.

Bold & Path-breaking

Innovative initiatives are required to change the face of development finance and make the value chain efficient and fast. This requires bold decisions and groundbreaking process innovation. At the New Development Bank we use technology for the larger goal of global development.

Flexible & Adaptive

By virtue of our roots in developing economies, we possess a keen understanding of their financing needs. We come with a commitment to be flexible in our processes and approach in order to accommodate interests of our public and private partners. NDB has quickened the pace of loan disbursements by adapting our systems.


The New Development Bank is founded on the principles of equality and democracy. We believe in democratic decision-making and inclusivity of all stakeholders. We understand that the true meaning of development is, at the core, the vision of a great leveler – a vision that is inclusive, not selective.


The New Development Bank believes in transparency and complete disclosure. We are committed to ensure that our proceedings are transparent and all our policies, procedures and documents are publicly accessible.