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Scaling Up Development Finance for a Sustainable Future

NDB’s General Strategy for 2022–2026, entitled “Scaling Up Development Finance for a Sustainable Future”, has set the course for the Bank’s evolution into a leading provider of solutions for infrastructure and sustainable development for emerging market economies and developing countries.

To elevate NDB to a higher standard of operational excellence and development impact, we will continue to strengthen our capacity to mobilise resources at scale, finance diversified types of projects, employ sophisticated instruments, and build a robust institutional profile.

Strategic Targets

The General Strategy includes the following main targets, which reflect NDB’s primary aspirations for the 2022-2026 period.

Total volume of approved financing from the Bank (USD)
30 billion
Direct total financing to projects contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation, including energy transition
40 %
30% in local currencies
Proportion of total financing
30% non-sovereign
Proportion of financed operations
20% co-financed
Proportion of projects financed with partner MDBs
40% female representation
Proportion of professional and managerial staff

Map of General Strategy for 2022-2026

The strategy map outlines the building blocks that permeate the General Strategy and the imperatives that will help steer NDB’s direction over the five-year period.

Environmental and Social Sustainability

At NDB, we have a strong commitment to sustainability and development impact in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our strategic objective is to mobilise funds for projects that generate positive economic, social and environmental benefits for BRICS and other EMDCs, as well as bridging the financing gap to achieve the SDGs.