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Areas of Operation

Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency

NDB supports our member countries’ transition towards a low-emission development pathway.

Leveraging proven and emerging transformative technologies, we prioritise projects that entail deployment of clean and renewable energy at scale, and other projects that enhance the efficiency of power transmission, distribution, and storage. In line with our firm commitment to sustainability and climate goals, we do not consider financing any new coal-fired capacity for power generation.

Transport Infrastructure

A sustainable, reliable transport infrastructure helps foster economic growth, unlock job opportunities, and improve lives.

NDB supports the development of inter-city and intra-city transport networks as well as infrastructure that promotes regional connectivity and facilitates the movement of people, goods, and services.

With a focus on sustainable infrastructure, we pay special attention to safety features and socially inclusive amenities during the preparation and implementation of the projects.

We also prioritise smart transport and logistics projects that use technology to improve efficiency and reduce GHG emissions.

Water and Sanitation

Clean water is vital to enhancing the wellbeing of people, communities, and the environment.

NDB supports projects that facilitate universal access to clean drinking water and adequate sanitation, promote equitable and sustainable management of water resources, and reduce vulnerability and exposure to water-related disasters – particularly those triggered by climate change, such as droughts and floods.

Environmental Protection

NDB recognises that sustainable development involves decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation and pollution.

We support projects that involve conservation and restoration of key ecosystems, promote nature-based solutions and better management of natural resources, contribute to pollution prevention and abatement, and aim to reverse or reduce the negative environmental impact of socioeconomic activities.

We also consider financing new and emerging technologies that can mitigate the impact of already accumulated or current emissions, with a view to support faster and more impactful emission reduction.

Social Infrastructure

The value of social infrastructure goes beyond economic benefits.

We support the building and modernisation of social infrastructure, such as schools, hospitals, affordable housing, cultural heritage sites and other long-term physical assets that facilitate social services, support human development, quality of life and living standards.

In particular, we support projects that facilitate digital, flexible, and agile delivery of social services in education and health.

Digital Infrastructure

NDB is working to enhance connectivity, expand access and foster innovation for our member countries.

With the accelerated digitisation and the persisting digital divide, we finance projects that empower the expansion and modernisation of national and international backbone digital infrastructure.

By investing in these back-end digital infrastructure projects, particularly those extending connectivity to underserved areas, we support the efforts of our member countries to achieve universal and affordable access.