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Dhaka and Narayanganj Gas Network Infrastructure Improvement Project

Bangladesh Bangladesh
Area Of Operation
Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency

Quick Facts

Concept Approval Date
February 9, 2024
Proposed Limit of NDB Financing
Up to USD 442 million equivalent
The People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Project Entity
Energy & Mineral Resources Division of the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources; Bangladesh Oil, Gas & Mineral Corporation

More About This Project

Dhaka and the neighboring Narayanganj are two major cities of Bangladesh facing insufficient supply of natural gas. Presently only about 39% of the daily demand can be met due to capacity constraints on the gas distribution network, as a result customers have to use alternative sources of energy such as diesel, coal and firewood which are not only costlier but also cause more air pollution in the area.
To address the current demand-supply gap, the government of Bangladesh has resolved to augment the gas distribution system of the cities, and improve its efficiency by reducing leakages and using modern digital technologies.

The Project comprises: (i) construction of gas distribution pipelines of about 63 km (Dhaka – 20 km, Narayanganj – 43 km); (ii) upgrade of 17 gas distribution stations and construction of a new one; (iii) replacement of gas distribution network of about 2,718 km (Dhaka – 1919 km, Narayanganj – 563 km, Keraniganj – 236 km); (iv) installation of SCADA system for the Project area and GIS mapping for 5,500 km of gas distribution network for Dhaka and Narayanganj cities, including part of Keraniganj.

The objective of the Project is to increase gas supply capacity, reduce gas leakages and improve gas network operating safety standards in cities of Dhaka and Narayanganj by strengthening the existing natural gas network infrastructure and introducing digital technologies for efficient network operation and management.