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Good Governance at our Core

At NDB, we uphold the highest possible standards of governance in all our decisions and actions. We recognise the importance of having in place good governance structures and processes that reinforce operational efficiency, accountability, transparency, high ethical standards, equality and good relations.

Our Boards

NDB Board of Governors and Board of Directors are devoted to ensuring high standards of corporate governance to propel us towards our development goals.

Senior Management

Our Senior Management ensures the seamless running of our operations, risk management, administration, finance and the ordinary business of the Bank.

Organizational Structure

Our organisation structure allows us to better deliver on our mandate, respond to today’s challenges, and stay in tune with the industry’s best practices.

Transparency & Reporting

NDB believes in transparency and information disclosure. We are committed to ensuring that our proceedings are transparent, and our policies and documents are publicly accessible.

Articles of Agreement

Agreement on the New Development Bank
15 Jul 2014