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NDB will contribute to the development of financial markets in its member states and raise funds not only in hard currencies but also in local currencies.

In July 2016, the NDB successfully issued the first onshore bond in China for an amount of RMB 3 billion (USD 450mn) and a tenor of 5 years.

It was the first time that an international financial institution issued a green financial bond in the China interbank bond market and it was also the first time for the NDB to tap the capital market.

The total subscription amount of Bank’s first bond reached more than RMB 9 billion and the cover ratio reached 3.1. More than 30 investors participated in the bond book building.

Key parameters of the Bond
Issuer The New Development Bank (NDB)
Issue Type Senior Unsecured Green Financial Bond
Issue Format Public Offering
Issue Ratings AAA (China Domestic Rating)
Amount RMB 3 bn
Tenor 5-year
Pricing Date 18 July 2016
Settlement Date 19 July 2016 (T+1)
Maturity Date 19 July 2021
Coupon 3.07%
Issue Price Par
Custodian China Central Depository & Clearing Co, Ltd.
Denomination / Subscription RMB100; RMB5 million / 1 million
Governing Law PRC Law
Joint Lead Underwriters Standard Chartered Bank (China), BOC, ICBC, CCB, CDB and HSBC (China)

Ernst & Young Hua Ming LLP has undertaken third party pre-assurance verification for the bond (En, Cn) in accordance with the Green Bond guidelines issued by PBOC.

The proceeds of the bond will be used for infrastructure and sustainable development projects in our member states and the NDB will follow the green guidelines set by the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) in December 2015.

Our Prospectus (En, Cn) contains detailed investment-related information.

During the duration of the green bond, the Bank discloses the information on the use of proceeds on a quarterly (En, Cn) and annual basis on the website designated by the People’s Bank of China.

The detailed information on the projects financed from the green bond, as well as environmental assessment and performance valuation of such projects, are described in the Post Issuance Attestation Report (En, Cn) issued by the independent verification agency Ernst & Young Hua Ming LLP.

The report is prepared in accordance with the Announcement on the Issuance of Green Financial Bonds in the National Inter-bank Bond Market (Letter [2015] No.39) published by the People’s Bank of China, Green Financial Bond Endorsed Project Catalogue (2015) published by Green Finance Committee, Guidelines for Green Bond Evaluation and Certification (Letter [2017] No.20) published by People’s Bank of China and China Securities Regulatory Commission, Interim Measures for the Issuance and Management of Foreign Institutional Bonds in the Nationwide issued by the People’s Bank of China and the Ministry of Finance (, the Green Bond Principles (2018) published by International Capital Market Association and Notice of The People’s Bank of China on Matters Related to Strengthening the Supervision and Management of Green Financial Bonds (Letter [2018] No.29).

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