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Past Event
Past Event
11 June 2024
Past Event

Past Events

IEO lecture: Strengthening NDB Impact Through Rigorous Evaluations and Evidence
13 Jun 2023
NDB welcomed Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva at its HQ in Shanghai
13 Apr 2023
IEO lecture: The Role of Independent Evaluation for Enhanced Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency
12 Jan 2023
Independent Evaluation Stakeholders’ Workshop
9 Dec 2022
NDB Side Event at COP27: Leveraging Climate Finance for a Just Transition in South Africa
12 Nov 2022
Workshop on Scaling Up Development Finance for a Sustainable Future
25 Oct 2022
IEO lecture: Evaluation for a Heightened Impact from the NDB
30 Aug 2022
NDB Celebrates 7th Anniversary (2015-2022)
21 Jul 2022