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Project Name Urban and Sustainable Infrastructure Program – Aracaju City of the Future
Country The Federative Republic of Brazil
Sector Urban Development
Concept Approval Date 24 December 2021
Total Project Cost USD 105 million
Proposed Loan Amount USD 84 million
Borrower Municipality of Aracaju
Project Entity Municipality of Aracaju
Project Context The Municipality of Aracaju (PMA) is located on the east side of the state of Sergipe. Although it is the least populated capital in the northeast region of Brazil, it had a population increase of 45% in the past 20 years, entailing challenges related to inadequate urban infrastructure. In addition, the city is also susceptible to floods affecting areas with low-lying topography, including the Expansion Zone, one of the city’s areas affected by the scarcity of basic sanitation, difficulties with stormwater drainage and lack wastewater sewer system.
Project Objective Contribute to PMA’s urban infrastructure to stimulate economic and social development, resulting on an improvement to the the quality of life for the vulnerable population.
Project Description The Project comprises the following key components:

i) Integrated Sanitation – Implementation of stormwater and wastewater sewer systems at 19 different locations throughout the city with a total length of 60 km.

ii) Flood Management – Restoration of water channel network through dredging and resizing at three locations (Poxim River, Médici and Anísio Azevedo Channels), for a total length of 11 km. It also includes the construction of a 19 km open water channel network in the Expansion Zone.

iii) Urban Mobility – Replacement of top pavement layer through mill and overlay of five avenues with significant traffic volumes (Pres. Tancredo Neves, Visconde de Maracaju, Maranhão, Melício Machado and Náufragos)