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Water and Wastewater Services Expansion Project in Manaus

Brazil Brazil
Area Of Operation
Water and Sanitation Water and Sanitation

Quick Facts

Concept Approval Date
8 October 2021
Board Approval Date
13 December 2022
Total Project Cost
USD 356 million
Initial Limit of NDB Financing
USD 80 million
Current Limit of NDB Financing
USD 80 million
Manaus Ambiental S.A., a fully owned subsidiary of AEGEA Group

More About This Project

Manaus is a growing industrial city in the north-western state of Amazonas in Brazil. While access to water infrastructure is available to 98 per cent of the city’s residents, access to wastewater infrastructure is rather low and available only to 26 per cent of the population. The existing infrastructure has not kept pace with the recent accelerated urban growth in the city, especially in the areas occupied by the poorest segments of the population, and requires significant investments in its modernization and expansion.

The Project aims at rehabilitating or developing water and wastewater infrastructure in Manaus to guarantee access to reliable and affordable water and wastewater services for the population; improving public health and reducing water-borne diseases; and ensuring compliance with environmental standards.

The Project comprises the following components:

  • Expansion and improvements in the water infrastructure;
  • Expansion and improvements in the wastewater infrastructure;
  • Loss reduction; and
  • Operational efficiency, security, and other investments.

The key benefits of the Project include: (i) improved quality of water services for the citizens with a greater number of households connected to the water network; (ii) reduction of untreated effluent or improved quality of wastewater discharged into the Amazon River basin; and (iii) improved condition and quality of underground water and soil by connecting more households to the sewage network.

The Project has been categorized as Category B in line with the NDB’s Environment and Social Framework, with an environmental and social risk tier of B-2 ‘Medium Risk’. Main E&S impacts will be addressed and mitigated by implementing relevant E&S management plans as per the country system, the Borrower’s Environmental and Social Management Systems, and additional measures for the Project agreed with NDB and reflected in the Environmental and Social Impact Management Plan.

Source of Fund Amount (USD million)
New Development Bank
Other sources

The implementation period of the Project is 2022-2027

NDB Borrower Implementation Agency
Private Sector and Non-Sovereign Guaranteed Transactions Department:

Akhil Kumar


Americas Regional Office:

Mauricio Xavier

Manaus Ambiental S.A.

Gabriel Bertolazzi, Financial Operations

Manaus Ambiental S.A.

Gabriel Bertolazzi, Financial Operations