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Serra Urban Mobility Project – Requalifica Serra

Brazil Brazil
Area Of Operation
Transport Infrastructure Transport Infrastructure

Quick Facts

Concept Approval Date
26 July 2023
Proposed Limit of NDB Financing
Up to USD 57.6 million
Municipality of Serra
Project Entity
Municipality of Serra

More About This Project

Serra is the most populous municipality in the southeastern state of Espírito Santo and contributes about 20% to the state’s gross domestic product and 25% to the state’s exports. The municipality adjoins the state capital of Vitória and is an attractive destination for industrial and logistic facilities as well as for residents due to the comparatively lower cost of living. This has led to an exponential increase in passenger and cargo vehicle traffic in recent years. Against this backdrop of fast increasing transportation demand, road infrastructure in Serra shows significant deficiencies in terms of insufficient road capacity of trunk and arterial roads, road safety issues due to lack of grade separation at busy junctions, lack of alternate routes for key arterial roads and lack of infrastructure for non-motorized transport.

The Project will address the aforementioned issues by: (i) constructing a new trunk road section connecting Serra and Vitória to increase network capacity; (ii) upgrading key linkages of the arterial roads to the trunk road in Serra Sede and Carapina districts by providing grade separation (viaducts/underground passages) to enhance road safety and reduce accidents; (iii) constructing a bypass road for the arterial road providing connectivity to the two most populated neighborhoods of Serra; and (iv) providing dedicated sidewalks and bike paths on upgraded roads to enhance pedestrian safety and promote non-motorized transport.

The Project will lead to the following outcomes starting from 2028:

  • improvement of road service level leading to reduced transportation costs;
  • saving of travel time for commuters and freight; and
  • reduction of accidents.