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Upgrade of Kaliningrad Sea Port Project

Russia Russia
Area Of Operation
Transport Infrastructure Transport Infrastructure
Technical Assistance

Quick Facts

Financing approval date
25 March 2020
Current limit of financing
USD 400,000
Russian Federation
Project Entity
To be selected

More About This Project

The Kaliningrad Sea Port (“Port”) which is located in the Russian city of Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea has not seen an increase in cargo turnover that other Baltic ports have experienced. Between 2017 and 2018, the Port has only shown a 1.5% increase in turnover, compared to the average 7% growth rate amongst Baltic ports. In addition, port calls have decreased by 7.1%. As the result, the Port ranks the third lowest in turnover out of 12 Baltic ports. The key bottleneck holding back the Port’s competitiveness is the depth of the Kaliningrad maritime canal (“Canal”) which is only 10.5 m deep and does not allow large tonnage vessels to enter the Port. The Upgrade of Kaliningrad Sea Port Project is proposed to remove the key bottleneck and increase the Port’s cargo turnover.

The TA is to support the preparation of the Upgrade of Kaliningrad Sea Port Project, which aims at increase of Kaliningrad Sea Port’s cargo turnover by 50%, through improvement of the main infrastructure of the Port.

The TA will provide consulting services to evaluate the feasibility of the Project and carry out activities required to prepare the Project up to the stage when it can be considered by external financiers. The Project envisages improvement of the main infrastructure of the Port, including: (i) modernization of the Canal by increasing its current depth and width; and (ii) construction of other sea-side and land-side infrastructure necessary to accommodate the increase in cargo handling.

Not Applicable. (To be specified after the implementation of TA)

The total cost of the TA is estimated to be USD 472,000. The TA will be financed from two sources: (i) NDB TA funds in amount of USD 400,000 from the NDB Project Preparation Fund (PPF); and (ii) in-kind contributions provided by the Kaliningrad Regional Development Corporation in the estimated amount of USD 72,000.

The NDB TA is estimated to be implemented over 7 months. The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation will select a TA Implementing Entity that will be responsible for day-to-day management of activities within the scope of the TA including consultants’ selection and contracting. Consultants for the TA will be selected through a competitive and transparent bidding process.

NDB Recipient
Project Team Leader:
Igor Zakharov
Adviser to the Head Representative Office of the Kaliningrad Region Government under the Government of the Russian Federation:
Alexander Sharyshev