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Water Supply and Sanitation Program in Russia

Russia Russia
Area Of Operation
Water and Sanitation Water and Sanitation

Quick Facts

Financing Approval Date
29 September 2020
Current Limit of NDB Financing
USD 100 million
Eurasian Development Bank
Project Entity
Eurasian Development Bank

More About This Project

Russia is endowed with one-fifth of the world’s fresh water resources, however, faces challenges with discharge of untreated wastewater into its water bodies. The majority of the water supply and sanitation systems in the Russian Federation were constructed during the 1970s to 1980s and due to physical and technological wear, require replacement or modernization. The current state of water supply and sanitation infrastructure has an adverse impact on the environmental situation in the country. With the target to enhance the quality of water supply and sanitation facilities, the Government of the Russian Federation (GoRF) has adopted the National Project “Ecology” which is aimed at pollution abatement in Russia.

The proposed NDB loan through the modality of a two-step loan will be used by Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) to finance water supply and sanitation sub-projects meeting selection criteria agreed with NDB.

The Program is aimed at improving environmental protection across Russia as set out in the National Project “Ecology” through reconstruction of water supply and sanitation facilities in different regions of the country.

The Program is to be implemented over four years between 2020 and 2024. It is expected that most sub-projects will be implemented by public entities, following mandatory procurement requirements as per the country system

The Program is Category “FI-B” in line with NDB’s Environmental and Social Framework (ESF). The sub-projects are likely to be Category B due to moderate environmental and social (E&S) impacts and risks that will be mitigated by adherence to the country systems. For sub-projects with significant E&S impacts and risks, including Category A, financing of such sub-project needs to be approved by NDB.

Source of Fund Amount (USD million)
New Development Bank
Other Sources (Loans, Equity, Grants)
NDB Borrower and Project Entity
Private Sector and Non-Sovereign Guaranteed Transactions Department

Nokuthula Mabuza

Eurasian Development BankOlga Gaponova


Key Contacts

Nokuthula Mabuza, Private Sector and Non-Sovereign Guaranteed Transactions Department
Olga Gaponova, Eurasian Development Bank