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Russian Maritime Sector Support Program

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Area Of Operation
Transport Infrastructure Transport Infrastructure

Quick Facts

Financing Approval Date
29 September 2020
Current Limit of NDB Financing
EUR 53 million
Black Sea Trade and Development Bank
Project Entity
Black Sea Trade and Development Bank

More About This Project

Russia has made significant strides to improve the efficiency of seaport services. In the last 5 years the country has climbed up from 88th in 2013 to 51st globally according to the World Economic Forum in 2019. Nevertheless, port infrastructure remains a bottleneck in Russia’s efforts to expand trade. To improve the situation, in 2018 the Russian Government approved The Development Plan for Transport Infrastructure till 2024. This plan envisages 6,348 billion rubles (USD 80 billion) for the modernization of Russia’s infrastructure, which includes 15% or 927 billion rubles (USD 12 billion) for seaport development.

The Program will primarily focus on development of Russia’s trade-enabling infrastructure: sea ports and maritime vessels, but also will have a broader scope by including river transport that in many instances serves as a feeder for maritime transport. The Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB) will on-lend NDB funds to port owners and operators, as well as to maritime companies.

The Program will contribute to an increase in capacity and efficiency of sea and inland ports and passenger terminals, as well as of cargo and passenger vessel fleet.

The Program is expected to facilitate economic growth in Russia by (i) enhancing national competitiveness in international trade via increased cargo-handling capacity and faster delivery times through improved port efficiency, and by (ii) improving water transport connectivity by expanding Russia’s passenger fleet.

The Project is to be implemented between 2020 and 2024. The Black Sea Trade and Development Bank will be the Project Implementation Agency for the NDB Loan. Procurement will be conducted in compliance with the national laws and regulations of Russia, and will meet the core principles of NDB’s policy.

The Program has been categorized as Category FI-A in line with NDB’s Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) as funding will be to a financial intermediary and seaport construction projects are typically assigned Category A due to significant adverse E&S impacts and risks. All sub-projects will be subject to E&S appraisal and supervision by BSTDB through application of BSTDB’s E&S Management System which is consistent with NDB’s ESF. E&S impacts will be identified and assessed through a formal environmental impact assessment, negative impacts will be mitigated by the implementation of environmental impact mitigation plans.

Source of Fund Amount (EUR million)
Other Sources (Loans, Equity)
NDB Borrower Project Entity
Eurasia Regional Centre

Maria Smirnova


Christopher Best

Director, General Industries, Transport and Tourism 1:

Leonid Sidorenko

Key Contacts

Tim Fleming, Eurasia Regional Centre
Christopher Best, Treasurer
Leonid Sidorenko, Director, General Industries, Transport and Tourism 1