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Krasnodar Cable Car Project

Russia Russia
Area Of Operation
Transport Infrastructure Transport Infrastructure
Technical Assistance

Quick Facts

Financing approval date
2 December 2019
Current limit of financing
USD 400,000
Russian Federation
Project Entity
To be selected

More About This Project

Krasnodar, a city in southern Russia, is witnessing a surge of traffic growth. Congestions increased along with the traffic growth, with local drivers spending on average about 57 hours in traffic jams in a year. The challenge in the transport sector of Krasnodar becomes more pronounced as the number of road accidents increased by 40% in 2018, compared to that in 2017. With the high congestion rate and increasing number of traffic accidents, the local government in Krasnodar is looking for practical solutions. Current available land space in Krasnodar is extremely limited and expansion of the capacity of the city’s existing transport modes is not feasible. In this context, to address the challenge in the transport sector of Krasnodar, the local government of Krasnodar proposed to introduce an alternative mode of public transport complementing the existing network. Following studies conducted to identify the optimal solution, it was concluded that construction of a cable car network will be the optimal mode of transport to be integrated into the city’s existing public transport system and to relieve the congestions in the existing transport network. As a result, the Krasnodar Cable Car Project is proposed to serve as an alternative mode of public transport in Krasnodar. NDB’s TA is proposed to support project preparation of the Krasnodar Cable Car Project.

The TA will provide consulting services to perform an in-depth evaluation of the Project and carry out activities required to prepare the Krasnodar Cable Car Project up to the stage when the Project can be considered by external financiers. The Project envisages construction of a cable car network in the most densely populated areas in the northern part of Krasnodar to reduce the excessive load on the existing transport network and to ensure transport coverage of areas that currently lack accessibility.

Not Applicable. (To be specified after the implementation of TA)

The total cost of the TA is estimated to be USD 400,000. The TA will be financed by NDB grants of USD 400,000 from the NDB Project Preparation Fund (PPF).

Financier Amount (USD)
New Development Bank 400,000

The NDB TA is estimated to be implemented over 12 months. TA Implementation Agency will be selected on a competitive basis by the Russian Federation. Consultants for the TA will be selected through a competitive and transparent bidding process.