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Luoyang Metro Project

China China
Area Of Operation
Transport Infrastructure Transport Infrastructure

Quick Facts

Financing Approval Date
20 July 2018
Current Limit of NDB Financing 
USD 300 million
The People’s Republic of China
Project Entity
The People’s Government of Henan Province

More About This Project

Luoyang is a city of a long history and rich culture, and in the past decades transformed economically with rapid industrialization and urbanization. Its economic growth is above national average in China. Luoyang today faces many development challenges including the overburdened transport system. Current transportation infrastructure is no longer sufficient to service the population. The inadequate connectivity and accessibility of the city impacts people’s quality of life. As a popular tourist destination, the large numbers of visitors Luoyang attracts every year add to the already severe congestion. The development of Luoyang’s first metro will be a milestone for the city’s development and to solve the city’s critical challenge. The People’s Government of Henan Province has designed a work plan to establish Luoyang’s metro network. In this context, the Luoyang Metro Project (the Project) is designed to address the traffic congestion challenge and to improve the city’s connectivity. The Project is in line with China’s national policy priority, supported by the Chinese Government. The Project is also in close alignment with NDB’s mandate of supporting sustainable infrastructure development.

The Project will construct the city’s first underground metro line, Line 1 with a total route length of 25.342 km and a total number of 19 stations. The capacity of the metro line is designed for more than 500,000 passenger trips on a daily basis by 2046. The metro connects the residential areas to the city center and provides easy access to public services, business, commercial centers and cultural sites. It enables (i) increased transport capacity, thus easing congestion on existing roads, (ii) faster commute and improved mobility, (iii) enhanced comfort, safety and reliability of traffic in the city, (iv) improved connectivity contributing to a balanced city spatial development, and (v) more robust socio-economic development of Luoyang.

The objective of the Project is to reduce traffic congestion in Luoyang and to improve the city’s overall mobility, accessibility, and connectivity

The Project was implemented between 2017 and 2021 and put into operation on March 28, 2021. Suppliers for the Project were selected through a competitive and transparent bidding process.

The Project contributes to a lower carbon environment. Congestion on the roads is expected to be reduced. Travel conditions for residents and visitors will be improved. Commuters have an alternative and more time-efficient way to travel daily. The Project benefits metro riders as an efficient, safe and comfortable means of transportation, and also benefits non-riders in Luoyang by diverting traffic away from the current overburdened transport infrastructure. The successful implementation of the Project significantly improves Luoyang’s urban infrastructure that builds a solid foundation for the city’s economic growth and productivity. The Project is classified as Category “A” in accordance with the NDB Environmental and Social Framework for its environmental and social impacts on resettlement of local residents from project site, local ecology and the vibration and dust impacts on cultural relics. Mitigation measures have been designed to minimize vibration, cover and water dust generating activities, use proper drainage, re-use waste water to avoid pollution of water sources, install silencers and enclose noise generating facilities. NDB monitors the Project closely and engages with the Project Implementation Agency Luoyang Rail Transportation Co., Ltd. during implementation.

The total cost of the Project is estimated to be USD 2,775 million. NDB supports the Project through a sovereign project loan with an amount of USD 300 million. The commercial banks provide loans of USD 1,311 million. The balance of USD 1,164 million is financed by the counterpart fund from the People’s Government of Luoyang.
Source of Fund Amount (USD million)
New Development Bank
Commercial Banks 1,311
People’s Government of Luoyang 1,164
NDB Borrower Project Entity
Project Portfolio Management Department

Ning Wu

Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China

Biao Guo

Luoyang Rail Transportation Co., Ltd.

Haiyang Fang