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Kohima Town Water Supply Augmentation Project

India India
Area Of Operation
Water and Sanitation Water and Sanitation
Technical Assistance

Quick Facts

TA Approval Date
16 August 2023
Limit of NDB Financing
USD 252,300
The Republic of India
Project Entity
Government of Nagaland

More About This Project

The existing water supply system in Kohima town is proposed to be upgraded to meet the present-day drinking water requirements. The key issues affecting water supply in Kohima town are inadequate infrastructure for water treatment and distribution, bacterial contamination of raw water sources, and high levels of water leakages.

The Project’s implementation will significantly improve the health and sanitary conditions, enabling an improvement in the quality of wellbeing of residents of Kohima town.

The Project comprises of drinking water supply infrastructure, water source development, intake works, gravity transmission mains, water treatment plant, balancing reservoirs, overhead tanks, distribution network and other allied works.

The TA is designed to support the preparation of Detailed Project Report which would enable feasibility assessment and prepare the Project up to the stage when it can be considered by external financiers to seek approval for its financing.