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Dhaka Water Supply Project

Bangladesh Bangladesh
Area Of Operation
Water and Sanitation Water and Sanitation

Quick Facts

Concept Approval Date
29 August 2023
Proposed Limit of NDB Financing
Up to USD 320 million equivalent
The People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Project Entity
Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority

More About This Project

Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, has witnessed rapid urbanization largely due to rural-to-urban migration of people and its population more than doubled in two decades. However, infrastructure development has not kept pace with the rate of urbanization. Particularly, the increasing demand of Dhaka’s residents has resulted in a significant water supply infrastructure backlog.

The Project is proposed to address two pressing challenges in Dhaka’s water supply service: (i) achieving universal access to water, and (ii) improving water distribution network efficiency and reducing nonrevenue water (NRW).

The Project consists of (i) construction and rehabilitation of water distribution infrastructure in the 16 unions that recently became part of Dhaka City; (ii) development of a water transmission and distribution network for currently unserved areas in the Padma Northwest Sector; (iii) improvement of efficiency of Dhaka’s water supply network, including by introduction of innovative technologies; (iv) preparation of feasibility studies, engineering designs and bidding documents for development of sewerage systems in the Project area; and (v) project management and capacity building.

The Project aims to create around 70,000 new water supply connections and reduce the NRW rates to below 15% in the Project area. Upon completion, the Project is expected to benefit about 3 million residents in Dhaka.