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Assam Bridge-II (Palasbari) Project

India India
Area Of Operation
Transport Infrastructure Transport Infrastructure

Quick Facts

Concept Approval Date
18 July 2022
Proposed Limit of NDB Financing
USD 333.80 million
The Republic of India

More About This Project

The Assam state is split in two parts by the Brahmaputra river. Currently, there are only five bridges that are operational for crossing the river over a distance of 640 km in the entire state of Assam.

Guwahati is the largest city in the State and the crossroad of regional and national highways connecting Assam and other north-eastern states with the rest of India. The growing demand on its infrastructure, in particular the lack of adequate connectivity across the Brahmaputra river, has resulted in bottlenecks in Guwahati and neighbouring cities of Kamrup and Kamrup Metropolitan districts of Assam.

Currently, Guwahati has just one bridge in operations – Saraighat bridge. To augment the much-needed transport infrastructure, the Government of Assam (GoA) has planned construction of two bridges across the Brahmaputra river, one in Guwahati, connecting the areas of Pan Bazaar to North Guwahati, currently financed by NDB, and another one in the vicinity of Guwahati, connecting Palasbari to Sualkuchi towns, the proposed Project.

The Project will provide direct connectivity between Palasbari and Sualkuchi towns in Kamrup district, providing diversion for regional and urban traffic to bypass the central business district area of Guwahati. It will also directly link the international airport to the industrial areas around Sualkuchi which are currently under development.

The Project will contribute to improved mobility, connectivity and efficient transportation across the state capital region.

The Project will construct a bridge and its alignments over the Brahmaputra river with a total length of about 12.2 km, providing connectivity to Palasbari and Sualkuchi towns of the Kamrup district, in the vicinity of Guwahati.