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Project Name Sorocaba Mobility and Urban Development Project
Country The Federative Republic of Brazil
Sector Urban Development
Concept Approval Date 10 September 2018
Board Approval Date 29 June 2021
Total Project Cost USD 50 million
Loan Amount USD 40 million
Borrower Municipality of Sorocaba with Sovereign Guarantee from the Federative Republic of Brazil
Implementation Agency Secretary of Administration (SEAD)
Project Context The Municipality of Sorocaba (MOS) growing population needs improved urban infrastructure to strengthen urban mobility and connectivity. This will be critical to ensure enhanced quality of life for the residents matching with the pace of economic development. Busy areas face traffic congestion, leading to long traffic wait times and consequently high vehicular emissions. Certain roads need to be widened to provide for increased vehicular traffic. Busy road intersections need to be provided with underpasses to reduce traffic wait times. Many roads in the municipality are in urgent need of repairs and reconstruction to provide safe and reliable transport facility to residents. Additionally, some roads face the problem of waterlogging, which needs to be resolved so as not to render them unusable at times.
Project Objective The Project will improve existing road infrastructure, promotion of alternate means of transportation, increase in productivity of workforce, improvement in the environment and quality of lives of the residents of the MOS.
Project Description The Project comprises the following components:
• Construction of macro drainage system covering an area of 24,000 m2.
• Construction of underpasses at a busy three-way intersection.
• Rehabilitation of road infrastructure (pavement, bicycle tracks and construction of micro drainage system) over an area of 940,000 m2.
• Extension and widening of urban road with sidewalks and bicycle lanes, and construction of underpass to improve connectivity and promote alternate means of transport.
• Construction of access road between city park and residential condominium with bridge for an extension of 1,300 meters.
Expected Benefits The Project will provide alternate means of transportation by improving urban mobility with: (i) increase in average speed of vehicles by 50%; (ii) reduction in travel time by 40%; (iii) reduction in the number of waterlogging/flood points from eight to zero, and; (iii) reduction in the annual road maintenance expenditure by 20%.
Environmental and Social Aspect The Project has been categorized as Category “B” in line with NDB’s Environmental and Social Framework. Main environmental and social (E&S) impacts include land acquisition, impacts on riverside protected areas, removal of vegetation, temporary disruption of traffic and general construction impacts. These impacts will be mitigated by development of relevant E&S impact assessment studies, E&S management plans related to the country systems, as well as implementation of an Environmental and Social Impact Management Plan.
Financing Aspect The total cost of the Project is estimated at USD 50 million. NDB will finance USD 40 million or 80% of the total cost. The remaining balance will be financed by counterpart funds from the MOS.
Source of Fund Amount (USD million)
Implementation The Project will be implemented over five years. The SEAD will be the Implementing Agency. Procurement will be conducted in compliance with the national law and regulations, and NDB’s Procurement Policy.
Contacts NDB Borrower Implementation Agency
Public Sector Department:
Fernando Silva