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Invitation for Bids: Zhejiang Green Urban Project——Shengzhou Urban and Rural Integrated Water Supply and Sanitation Project (Phase II)
Madhya Pradesh Multi Village Water Supply Project
Invitation for Bids: Shanghai Lingang Distributed Solar Power ProjectInvitation for BidsShanghai Lingang Distributed Solar Power Project
Invitation for Bids: Russian Federation, Judicial System Support Project
Qingdao Metro Line Six (Phase I) Project
Invitation for Bids: Lamphelpat Waterbody Rejuvenation Project (Imphal-Manipur)
Invitation to tenders: Project Finance Facility for Eskom
Invitation for Bids: Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport Phase III Expansion Project
Invitation for Bids: Guizhou Qianxinan Rural Roads Improvement Program
Invitation for Bids: Jiangxi Natural Gas Transmission System Development Project

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