Call for Essays
Digital Identity as a tool for fighting financial crime & corruption


On the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day (December 9, 2019), New Development Bank (NDB) invites you to submit reflection pieces in the form of short essays on the topic, “Digital Identity as a Tool for Fighting Financial Crime & Corruption”. NDB invites you to submit original contributions that address any one of the following aspects of Digital ID:

  • What are the innovative ways of conceptualizing and operationalizing digital ID systems?
  • How can Digital ID systems promote transparency and integrity in financial sector?
  • How do features of trust and transparency, often cited in favor of the digital ID, assist in fighting financial crime and corruption?
  • What role does public policy have to play in ensuring effective deployment of digital ID systems for fighting financial crime and corruption?

Submission Deadline:February 28, 2020

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