Marcos Troyjo Elected as the Next NDB President

According to Articles of Agreement of the New Development Bank (AoA), the Board of Governors elects a President from one of the founding member countries on a rotational basis. The President is the chief of the operating staff of the NDB, conducting, under the direction of the Directors, the ordinary business of the Bank.
On May 27, 2020, the Board of Governors of the NDB held a Special Meeting in virtual format. At the Meeting, Mr. Marcos Prado Troyjo was unanimously elected as the President of the NDB from July 7, 2020, in full accordance with the AoA and procedures of the Bank.
The Board of Governors of the NDB also appointed Mr. Anil Kishora as Vice President of the Bank.


Prior to his appointment as President of the NDB, Mr. Marcos Troyjo pursued a successful multi-layered career in government, business, academia and the public debate on economic development.

He recently served as Brazil’s Deputy Economy Minister and Special Secretary for Foreign Trade and International Affairs and represented the Brazilian Government on the boards of multilateral development institutions.

Mr. Troyjo was also Chairman of Brazil’s Commission on External Financing and its National Investment Committee.

He co-founded and served as Director of the BRICLab at Columbia University, where he taught international and public affairs, and lectured extensively at universities and research centers around the world.

Mr. Troyjo is a member of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Future Council on International Trade and Investment. He was Director of the Intelligent Tech & Trade Initiative (ITTI).

An economist, political scientist and diplomat, he holds a Master’s degree and a PhD in sociology of international relations from the University of São Paulo and pursued postdoctoral studies at Columbia University. He is an alumnus of the Rio Branco Institute, the diplomatic academy of Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Troyjo authors books on development, technology and global affairs.

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