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Project Name Desenvolve SP Sustainable Infrastructure Project
Country The Federative Republic of Brazil
Sector Multiple Areas
Concept Approval Date April 16, 2020
Total Project Cost USD 200 million
Proposed Loan Amount USD 200 million
Borrower Federal Republic of Brazil
Implementation Agency Desenvolve Sao Paulo with Sovereign Guarantee from the Federative Republic of Brazil
Project Context
The state of São Paulo is home to a population of 44.6 million people, spread across 645 municipalities. São Paulo has a diversified economy supported by a strong technology base and skilled labor force. However, development is uneven among São Paulo’s 645 municipalities. Particularly, gaps of infrastructure development remain. Financing to fill the gaps of infrastructure to the sub-national governments with limited access to infrastructure financing will be timely and needed. As a critical enabler of faster and inclusive economic growth, infrastructure development is expected deliver a wide range of socio-economic benefits to São Paulo.
Project Objective
The Project is expected to contribute to addressing scarcity and bottlenecks of infrastructure in key sectors in the state of São Paulo.
Project Description
The Project will support on-lending to sub-projects in both public and private sectors within the state of São Paulo. Such projects will aim to promote sustainable development, with a focus on urban development related to transport and mobility, road pavement, renewable energy, waste management and recycling, and energy efficiency. The Project will be implemented over a 5-year period, targeting municipalities and SMEs domiciled in São Paulo.