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Project Name Brasilia Capital of Solar Lighting Project
Country The Federative Republic of Brazil
Sector Clean Energy
Concept Approval Date 24 December 2021
Total Project Cost EUR 140.82 million
Proposed Loan Amount EUR 93.67 million
Borrower Brasilia Energy Company (Companhia Energética de Brasília – CEB)
Project Entity CEB
Project Context Brazil’s Nationally Determined Contribution indicates the country’s commitment to reducing total net greenhouse gas emissions by 37% in 2025 and by 43% in 2030 from 2005, and achieving net-zero emissions in 2060.

To achieve this, Brazil seeks to increase the share of non-hydro renewables, particularly solar which is expected to make up 8% of the total energy mix in 2029 (from 2% in 2019), while at the same time promoting energy efficiency across all sectors of the economy.

Project Objective The Project aims to reduce the energy consumption from the public lighting in the Federal District (FD) by approximately 50% through the replacement of existing metallic vapor lamps with LED lamps. The Project will also provide renewable energy generation capacity of 162.5 MW, adequate to produce electricity equivalent to the annual consumption needs of the FD’s public lighting system after the implementation of energy efficient lighting.
Project Description The project comprises i) retrofitting 300,000 exiting lamps with LED technology in the public lighting system in the FD; ii) building a solar photovoltaic plant with a generation capacity of 162.5MW in the FD.