Assam Bridge Project

Country The Republic of India
Sector Infrastructure; Transport
Total Project Cost USD 280 million
Proposed Loan Amount USD 224 million
Borrower The Republic of India
Implementation Agency Assam Public Works Department
– Project Description

Assam, the gateway state of the North East India, is bearing enormous pressure on its land, infrastructure and transportation network, resulting from the rapid economic growth over the past years. In the Guwahati Metropolitan area, the largest city and the regional hub of the state of Assam, traffic congestion, long commuting time and frequent traffic accidents has become a great challenge to the region’s social-economic development, therefore developing the transport sector is paramount at the current stage for Guwahati.

In this context, the Assam Bridge Project is proposed with the objective to improve transport network connectivity across the Brahmaputra River in Guwahati, and to enhance mobility and accessibility in the region. The contents of the proposed Project include the construction of a six-lane-bridge over the Brahmaputra River and approach roads in the north and south banks with the total length of approximately 8 km.