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Project Name Assam Bridge Project
Country The Republic of India
Sector Urban Development
Board Approval Date 8 July 2019
Total Project Cost USD 377 million
Initial Limit of NDB Financing  USD 300 million
Current Limit of NDB Financing  USD 300 million
Borrower The Republic of India
Implementing Agency Assam Public Works Roads Department
Introduction Guwahati is the regional hub of trade, commerce, and services, and the largest city in the State of Assam, which is the gateway state of the northeast region of India. The rapid growth of Guwahati over the past years has created enormous pressure on land, infrastructure and transportation network and has led to traffic congestion and frequent traffic accidents. This has become a great challenge to the region’s sustainable development, therefore improving the transport network connectivity is paramount to region’s development and is well aligned with the national government’s plans to tackle the region’s development bottleneck.
Project Description Objective of the Project is to improve socio-economic conditions in the North Guwahati Area, through improved access to economic, health, and educational centers, and transport connectivity across the Brahmaputra River. The proposed Project consists of construction of a major bridge across the Brahmaputra and approach roads, connecting the south bank to the north bank of the Guwahati metropolitan area, with the total length of approximately 8.4 km.

A Sovereign Project Loan will be provided by NDB to the Government of India for on-lending to the State Government of Assam.

Environmental and Social Aspect The positive impacts of the Project include: (i) improved mobility and transport network connectivity across the Brahmaputra River; (ii) enhanced connectivity to National Highways; (iii) enhanced access to essential services, facilities and markets, benefiting lives of about 3 million people in the Guwahati Metropolitan Area and the Assam State Capital Region; (iv) reduced travel time for commuters; (v) reduced carbon emissions by vehicles due to reduced travel distance and fuel consumption.

The Project is Category “A” in line with NDB Environmental and Social Framework (ESF). Main environmental and social impacts include land acquisition and involuntary resettlement of people; impacts on river habitats and endangered Ganges River Dolphins; removal of trees and vegetation; dust and noise emissions; construction waste and debris management; and workers’ health & safety issues. These impacts will be mitigated by adherence to country systems and management plans developed for the Project.

Financing Aspect The total cost of the Project is estimated to be USD 377 million. NDB will finance USD 300 million or 80% of the total cost. The remaining balance will be financed by counterpart funds from the State Government of Assam.
Financier Amount (USD million)
New Development Bank
State Government of Assam 77
Implementation The Project is to be implemented over four years. Assam Public Works Roads Department will be the Project Implementing Agency. Procurement will be conducted in compliance with the national law and regulations, and meet the core principles of NDB’s policy.