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Project Name Anhui Tongling G3 Road-Rail Bridge Project
Country  The People’s Republic of China
Sector  Transport
Concept Approval Date 24 December 2021
Total Project Cost USD 1,400 million
Proposed Loan Amount USD 300 million
Borrower The People’s Republic of China
Project Entity The People’s Government of Tongling Municipality
Project Context Anhui Province has developed a plan to improve connectivity in the region by 2030 through the development and reinforcement of a network of highways and railways. While the core components of this network are already in place, the network does not fully support economic and social development needs as some of its segments are saturated due to rapid traffic growth. A key component of the plan is the re-enforcement of Yangtze River crossing channels.
Project Objective The Project will providing an additional Yangtze River crossing channel to meet increasing traffic demand and alleviate congestion on the existing bridges that support the G3 Beijing-Taipei Expressway, which runs from the north (Beijing) to the south (Fuzhou) of Mainland China, and planned railway routes.
Project Description The project involves the construction of a road-railway bridge and two interchanges on both side of the bridge connecting to G3 Beijing-Taipei Expressway.