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Project Name Anhui Province Roads Development Project
Country The Peoples’ Republic of China
Sector Transport
Concept Approval Date 26 July 2019
Board Approval Date 29 June 2021
Total Project Cost EUR 1,056 million
Loan Amount EUR 340 million
Borrower The Peoples’ Republic of China
Implementation Agency Anhui Provincial Department of Transport
Project Context Anhui Province is currently facing two urgent challenges in the development of its transport sector. One is that it needs to construct/upgrade a large number of national and provincial roads to accommodate the fast growing demand of mobility and connectivity. Second is to ensure quality public transport services and improve sustainability of the large volume of transport infrastructure in the Province. To address these challenges, Anhui Province has been promoting development of road infrastructure in an environmentally-friendly manner, so as to improve road networks and at the same time, enhance the sustainability of road infrastructure.
Project Objective The Project is envisaged to support Anhui’s road development in addressing these two urgent challenges. On one hand, the Project will support Anhui in further developing its road networks across critical corridors in the Province, improving connectivity and transport services, as well as reducing safety risks. On the other hand, through piloting appropriate technologies innovatively in road construction and upgrading, the Project will showcase the benefits of applying suitable technologies for sustainable road infrastructure development.
Project Description The components of the Anhui Province Roads Development Project include:
(i) Component A: “Green” Roads Development in Anhui Province, mainly including construction/upgrading of six road sections in five municipalities in Anhui Province. Total mileage for construction and upgrading is about 196 km.
(ii) Component B: Pilot of Technologies for Sustainable Road Development.
(iii) Component C: a capacity building component to support effective project preparation, implementation, management and operation.
Expected Benefits The Project will promote socioeconomic development through improving connectivity and mobility in Anhui Province. Important road corridors will be connected to improve road networks. In addition, suitable innovative technologies to be piloted throughout road construction, upgrading and O&M will demonstrate the benefits of sustainable roads development, including improvement of construction quality, road safety and management efficiency in an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly manner.
Environmental and Social Aspect The Project has been categorized as Category A in line with the NDB’s Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) and China’s environmental impact assessment regulations. Main environmental and social impacts from the Project include (i) land acquisition, temporary land use and resettlement, (ii) impacts possibly to biodiversity and habitats during tunnel and construction of bridges, (iii) impacts to occupational safety associated with tunneling and bridge construction, and (iv) temporary traffic and public utilities disruption and environmental pollutant discharge during construction. These impacts will be mitigated by adherence to requirements of E&S country system and implementation of a consolidated Environmental and Social Impact Management Plan (ESIMP).
Financing Aspect The total cost of the Project is estimated at EUR 1,056 million. NDB will finance EUR 340 million (32% of the total cost). The remaining balance will be sourced from the annual budgets of the Project Entity.
Source of Fund Amount (USD million)
New Development Bank
Project Entity
(Anhui Provincial Government)
Implementation The Project is to be implemented over five years. Anhui Provincial Government will be the Project Entity, and Anhui Provincial Department of Transport (APDT) will be the Implementing Agency for the Project. A Project Management Office for Utilization of Foreign Fund under APDT, takes the overall responsibility of the Project implementation.
The Loan will finance procurement of works, goods and services for the Project in compliance with NDB Procurement Policy and China’s country system stipulated through national legislations and regulations.
Contacts NDB Borrower Implementation Agency
Public Sector Department

Yang Ji

Ministry of Finance

Xinyue Liu

Jie Luo