Groundbreaking Ceremony for the New Development Bank’s Permanent Headquarters Building Held in Shanghai


On 2 September 2017, the Ground Breaking Ceremony for the NDB Permanent Headquarters Building was held in Shanghai. Mr. Xiao Jie, the Minister of Finance of China, Mr. Ying Yong, the Mayor of Shanghai, members of the BRICS Business Council and other distinguished guests participated in the Ceremony. The Headquarters of the Bank will be located in Shanghai Expo Park and is expected to become a landmark building along Huangpu River.

“We are extremely grateful to Shanghai, and the NDB is proud to call Shanghai its home. We have been received with great warmth and enjoyed enormous support from the Shanghai Government at each our step,” said Mr. K.V.Kamath, the NDB President.
“Shanghai is a 21st-century modern smart city that has a firm resolution of going green,” highlighted Mr. K.V.Kamath. The NDB President noted that the Bank’s activities are firmly guided by the founders’ vision and a commitment to finance green and environmentally friendly projects. “Since inception, our activities have been aligned towards this commitment, and a significant share of projects approved by the NDB Board of Directors is in the area of renewable energy space,” said Mr. K.V.Kamath.
NDB Permanent HQ Building
The Permanent Headquarters of the New Development Bank will be situated in Plot A11-01 of Shanghai Expo, which is within so-called “Ecological Function Zone”. Occupying an area of 12,000 m2, it will have a total floor space of 126,000 m2. With a height of 150 m, the building will have 30 floors above ground and 4 floors underground.

The architectural design of the Bank’s Headquarters is aimed to be environmentally friendly, human- and function-oriented, and at the same time ensure low maintenance costs.
The design of the building aims at the highest rating — “Three Star Green Building” of China and “LEED Platinum” of US, for creating a quality and low-energy consumption super high-rise green building as well as “Three Star Score” on China Health Building Rating System.
Green concepts were integrated into modeling of the building to improve the indoor and outdoor eco-environment quality while satisfying the design needs.
A significant part of the buildings’ roofs will be used for greening to reduce the influence of the building on the environment, not only returning an ecological green space to nature but also improving thermal insulation performance.
The building will be equipped with a modern rainwater recycling system to collect rainwater and use treated rainwater for outdoor plant irrigation, road washing and parking washing as well as other uses without outdoor tap water consumption.