Ningxia Yinchuan Integrated Green Transport Development Project

Country The People’s Republic of China
Sector Transport
Total Project Cost RMB 2,860 million
Proposed Loan Amount RMB 2,100 million
Borrower The People’s Republic of China
Implementation Agency Yinchuan Municipal Government
– Project Description

Yinchuan Municipality (the capital city of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region) is taking actions under the green development initiative to improve the public bus transport system. With a growing focus on enhancement of living quality of local residents, more bus lines have been put in place to reach the suburban areas and villages of Yinchuan. Apart from the broadened coverage of the public bus lines to improve the connectivity, a special focus is put on the environment, with the initiative to replace existing natural gas-fueled buses with electric buses, for the goals of energy conservation and environmental protection. Given the fact that Yinchuan has a big surplus of electricity supply while a shortage in natural gas supply, the Project takes advantage of Yinchuan’s power structure and provides a timely solution to reduce emissions, save energy, and enhance the quality of lives.

The Project is to develop a green bus system and improve public transport services in Yinchuan Municipality through replacing all existing natural gas-fueled buses with electric buses, which reduce emissions and save energy. Components of the Project include: (i) procurement of electric buses and associated equipment; (ii) construction of bus lane and depots; (iii) development of intelligent transport management system; (iv) project management and capacity building.