Manipur Water Supply Project

Country India
Sector Water Supply and Sanitation
Total Project Cost USD 422 million
Proposed Loan Amount USD 303 million
Borrower India
Implementation Agency Public Health and Engineering Department, Government of Manipur
– Project Description

Manipur, a small mountainous state in the northeastern region of India, is facing serious challenges in clean drinking water supply. The key issues affecting Manipur’s water supply are inadequate coverage of piped water supply and service, obsolete water treatment and distribution infrastructure, contamination of water sources, and high water leakage levels. Households are spending up to one to two hours daily to collect water. A significant number of households are currently using public hydrants for domestic water needs. Due to limited water supply, most of the state’s population is dependent on private water suppliers, who charge much higher than the public water supplier – the Public Health and Engineering Department. This puts an additional financial burden on the local families. Due to the use of untreated water, Manipur has witnessed a surge of water borne diseases, especially among children.

The Manipur Water Supply Project is proposed to address the above challenges through construction and upgrade of drinking water supply infrastructure. The components of the proposed Project include construction and upgrade of drinking water supply systems in: i) Imphal Planning Area, the capital city of Manipur; ii) additional 25 towns; and iii) 1,731 rural habitations. The Project will be implemented over a period of five years from 2020 to 2024.