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Whistleblower procedures are approved internally to ensure that the Whistleblower who reports incidents of misconduct in good faith is afforded the utmost confidentiality and effective protection against any retaliation or reprisals, whether actual or threatened, as a result of whistleblowing.

The Whistleblower Procedures are based on the applicable principles laid down under the Uniform Framework for Preventing and Combating Fraud and Corruption developed by the International Financial Institutions Anti-Corruption Task Force.

The requirement for reporting instances of non-compliance with the Bank’s policies and procedures (misconduct) to the Compliance and Investigations Department are enshrined in its Anti-Corruption, Anti-Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering policies as well as the Code of Business Conduct & Ethics of the Bank. Any Bank staff who observes an act of misconduct in the Bank’s operations has an obligation to report such information to the Compliance and Investigations Department immediately.

Persons who are not employed by the Bank may also contact the Compliance and Investigations Department of NDB regarding allegations of misconduct and/or wrongdoing (including in relation to corruption, fraudulent practices and instances of money laundering) in NDB-financed projects and/or against NDB staff members:

  • By submission of the complaint form below
  • By mail at the following address (Please mark correspondence “Confidential”)

Compliance and Investigations Department
For attention: Chief, Ethics and Investigations Division
25F, New Development Bank
1600, Guozhan Road
Pudong New District
Shanghai – 200126

Reporting Form

    It is important that you please attempt to answer all the questions below. Provide answers to the best of your ability and be as accurate as possible.

    1. WHO engaged in the alleged act of wrongdoing?

    2. WHAT happened?

    3. WHEN was the wrongdoing committed?

    4. WHERE was the wrongdoing committed?

    5. Please tell us HOW the wrongdoing was perpetrated.

    6. Do you know if there were any witnesses or other evidence that may help us? Do you know how we can find or contact them?


    Size: 5MB maximum per file.
    Accepted File Types:

    Text file – .pdf, .doc, .docs
    Spreadsheet – .xls or .xlsx
    Image – .jpg or .png
    Compressed file – .zip or .rar

    7. Please provide your contact details where NDB can contact you in confidence.

    (Please note that as per NDB policies, we are unable to investigate complaints of harassment and sexual harassment reported anonymously)

    Input the code * :