Environmental Protection Project For Medupi Thermal Power Plant

Country South Africa
Sector Energy
Total Project Cost USD 2750 million
Proposed Loan Amount USD 480 million
Borrower Eskom Holdings SOC, Ltd
Implementation Agency Eskom Holdings SOC, Ltd
– Project Description

South Africa has abundant coal resources, which supply more than 90% of the country’s electricity. The Government of South Africa has issued environmental legislations to foster green growth, targeted at reducing negative impacts on the environment from harmful emissions and discharges by the industries. In 2004, the Government of South Africa passed the National Environmental Management Air Quality Act (NEMAQA), which defines the pollutant emissions limits for stationary sources such as power and industrial plants. In 2010, the list of activities and associated minimum emissions standards of the NEMAQA further came into effect.

Medupi power plant with 4800 MW designed installed capacity is located in Limpopo province and is among the largest coal power generating facilities in the world. The proposed Project includes retrofitting Medupi with flue gas desulphurization units to achieve compliance with the requirements of South Africa’s environmental legislations by reducing sulphur dioxide emission of the power plant from 3,500 mg/m3 to below 500 mg/m3.