Anhui Green Roads Demonstration Project

Country The People’s Republic of China
Sector Transport
Total Project Cost RMB 8.5 billion
Proposed Loan Amount RMB 2.8 billion
Borrower The People’s Republic of China
Implementation Agency Anhui Provincial Communications Department
– Project Description

Anhui, a province located in east China, is developing “green roads” to improve connectivity from rural to urban areas. “Green roads” is a concept that integrates the transportation functionality of the road and ecological sustainability. The objective of constructing green roads is to be resource-efficient and ecologically friendly, while improving connectivity. In Anhui, many of its transportation hub areas, near the provincial border that connect Anhui to its neighboring provinces, are facing connectivity challenges. In addition, in many landlocked low-income areas of Anhui, road conditions are still far below standards. Transportation and connectivity bottlenecks in these areas hamper Anhui’s further economic and social development. Particularly in the landlocked areas, road conditions pose safety risks to the local residents, if not addressed timely.

Anhui Green Roads Demonstration Project is proposed to address the above challenges through construction and upgrade of roads incorporating the concept of “green roads” with advanced technologies. The components of the proposed Project include: i) construction and upgrade of six roads sections in four municipalities and one county in Anhui Province; ii) research and study of advanced technologies for green roads construction, operations and maintenance, and pilot innovative technologies in six road sections; and iii) capacity building.